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Permits & fees

Facility Alterations Permit

Winnipeg Airports Authority manages a Facility Alteration Permit (FAP) process for work on airport lands to authorize, track, monitor, record construction, and ensure it satisfies WAA standards.

WAA is the landlord of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. Throughout the permitting and construction process, WAA's Permits Coordinator or an assigned Project Manager will represent the landlord.

Contact us

Attention: Permits Coordinator
Winnipeg Airports Authority
249-2000 Wellington Avenue
Winnipeg MB R3H 1C2
Phone: 204-987-9732
Email: [email protected]

Facility Alterations Permit documents

Download these documents for the Facility Alterations Permit process:

External employers working with WAA must adhere to all applicable federal and provincial health and safety legislation and establish a tailored health and safety program. Further details and safety-related permits that you may be required to complete ahead of time can be found on the Health & safety page. 

Additional permit requirements

In addition to WAA permits, these jurisdictions may require permit applications:

Tariff of Aviation Fees

Download the document below to view the Tariff of Aviation Fees: