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Managing and minimizing our impacts on the environment is a top priority for Winnipeg Airports Authority. We're continuously looking for ways to enhance environmental performance for our airport operations and development.

Environmental Management System

Our Environmental Management System is based on ISO 14001 standards. These key procedures and processes are pertinent to airport operations and planning:

  • Impact Assessment Process
  • Environmental Site Assessment Program
  • Strategic Energy and Carbon Management Plan
  • Water Quality Management Program
  • Hazardous Materials Management Program
  • Waste Management Program
  • Wildlife Management Plan

Environmental Policy

WAA continually strives to develop a culture of environmental stewardship and commit to being a community leader in environmental management. This requires us to advance environmental best practices across the organization and commit to a net zero carbon future. To demonstrate this, we will:

  1. Commit to accelerating our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategy by leveraging partnerships and innovation to meet the aviation industry's ambition of achieving net zero carbon by 2050. 
  2. Continue to understand and address the impacts of climate change and explore opportunities to create a climate-resilient airport.  
  3. Be proactive with our partners and community stakeholders to collaborate on environmentally sustainable practices and solutions. 
  4. Champion education and awareness programs, partnerships, innovation, and technology. 
  5. Commit to doing our best to protect the natural environment and prevent pollution. 
  6. Embed environmental standards and best practices into applicable policies, procedures, processes, and agreements. 
  7. Comply with all applicable legislation and voluntary obligations, such as international standards, protocols, and community agreements. 
  8. Continually improve our Environmental Management System and environmental performance by setting goals, monitoring and measuring our performance, and taking action if our goals are not met. 
  9. Be as transparent as possible while considering safety, security, compliance and other obligations with our employees, customers, regulators, and surrounding community.  

These commitments apply to the full scope and physical boundaries of WAA operations and development activities at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.