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Health & safety

Health and safety requirements

We are committed to protecting the safety of our employees, tenants, contractors, and the public. External employers working with WAA must adhere to all applicable federal and provincial health and safety legislation and establish a tailored health and safety program.

An effective program will:

  • Proactively identify workplace health, safety, and environmental hazards.
  • Control the hazards and eliminate or minimize the potential for workplace injuries or illness.
  • Be monitored and evaluated regularly to ensure the program meets the goals and requirements under applicable legislation.

Health and safety programs must include the following elements: 

  • A health and safety policy statement that declares the organization’s purposes and the responsibilities of management, supervisors, and employees;
  • Specific procedures for regularly inspecting workspaces, equipment, and work methods and practices to ensure any hazardous conditions are corrected promptly;
  • Safe Work Procedures or work instructions which are readily available for all employees to reference;
  • Orientation programs for new employees and ongoing training for all employees to ensure they are doing their job safely;
  • Requirements for the prompt investigation of any incidents to determine the actions necessary to prevent reoccurrence;
  • Clear instructions for emergencies such as fires, medical emergencies, hazardous spills, bomb threats, and natural disasters;
  • Records management, including inspection reports and incident investigations, with requirements to make this information available to the safety committee or representative as applicable;
  • Regular instruction and supervision of employees to ensure they are performing their work safely;
  • Requirements for hiring and managing contractor safety performance; and;
  • Regular employee and management meetings to review health and safety activities and incident trends to determine necessary action.

Additional requirements

Some programs may need to include additional elements to achieve the required objectives. 

Contractors and tenants must report any health and safety issues related to WAA buildings, equipment, or processes by calling 204-987-9798.