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About us

Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) exists to connect communities. We enable the safe and seamless movement of people and goods through our airport facilities, and in doing so, we help to connect Manitoba to the world.


Where bold journeys take flight 


Connecting communities and partnering to build a sustainable future


Safety • Respect • Teamwork • Inclusion • Excellence

Winnipeg Airports Authority is where bold journeys take flight.

5-year strategic plan 

Serving the communities that use our airport facilities is an essential part of our purpose and the foundation of our mission as an organization. While that hasn’t changed, we understand that the world and our place in it have shifted. As we work towards recovery in a sector that looks distinctly different than the past, we have taken the opportunity to reimagine our future under new and brighter circumstances. 

Throughout 2022, while continuing to deliver on our core business activities, we took the time to conduct a detailed and strategic review of our organization. The learnings gained from this process have culminated in an all-encompassing corporate strategy to guide our journey through 2027. In structuring our goals and aspirations over the next five years, we developed a focused set of strategic priorities that create momentum and alignment between our teams.

People and culture

Making WAA an outstanding place to work.
Providing a workplace where employees feel safe and engaged allows us to live our values and deliver on our vision and mission. With a strong, aligned, and thriving team, we are better suited to achieve our aspirations and meet our customers’ needs.

Financial strength 

Responsibly investing in our future for the benefit of everyone we serve.
Financial strength will be achieved through responsible debt management, ensuring value for customer-focused processes, driving sustainable and diversified revenue growth, and securing external funding support. Success in this area is also necessary to accomplish the initiatives put forth in other priorities.

Air transportation and
logistics services

More connections to more places that matter.
Providing air access and connectivity is at the core of our business. We will invest in passenger and cargo traffic recovery and growth, improve the quality of our passenger and cargo air networks, and provide a competitive portfolio of airlines to serve travellers. We will also enable responsible land development to increase economic value and implement future trends in logistics services that offer new ways to serve our customers.

Customers and community

Welcoming and inclusive for all.
The airport operates for our customers, and we play a critical role in connecting the communities we serve. Customer and stakeholder engagement allows us to create partnerships that reflect the people we serve. As a result, we will improve community relations, boost economic and social development opportunities, and increase overall satisfaction.

Operational excellence

Safe, secure, and efficient operations.
Ensuring we deploy the most intelligent approach to safety, reliability, sustainability, and asset management will enable operational success. It will also increase dependability, value, and satisfaction for our customers. As we face more unpredictable events in the aviation industry, we will increase our stability through a robust operational framework. It will allow us to predict and manage passenger and cargo traffic volume fluctuations and irregular operational events.


Unlocking the power of digital technology to improve everything we do.

Digitalization enables the seamless connection of information, people, and systems. Updating core processes will improve efficiencies and effectiveness across operating units while providing travellers with the digital connectivity they expect in our facilities.


Developing a culture of environmental stewardship.
Reducing our environmental impact is a critical and essential goal. To achieve it, we will collaborate on environmentally-sustainable practices and solutions with our partners and stakeholders, formally embed best practices across the organization, and commit to creating a plan to deliver a net zero decarbonized future.

The priorities, goals, initiatives, and targets presented for the five years ahead will be supported by annual business plans. We will monitor and measure our progress against our strategic plan regularly and remain flexible to adjust to maximize opportunities and mitigate new risks accordingly.

Rooted in our past and focusing on the path and aspirations ahead, this is a bold new journey taking flight. We look forward to taking it together.