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Canadian Air Transport Security Authority

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) oversees screening at all Canadian airports, including Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. Find out what you can bring through security and how to pack specific items by using CATSA's online guide and interactive search tool.

For more security information, visit CATSA's website or call them at 1-888-294-2202.

Pre-board screening

All travellers are required to go through pre-board screening. The shared domestic / international screening area is located on Departures Level 2 near Door 3.

Once you've been screened, follow the overhead signs to your gate.

Travelling to the US

When travelling to the United States, go to the separate pre-board screening area located behind the airline check-in counters between Door 1 and Door 2 on Departures Level 2. You'll cross a small bridge to enter the transborder screening area.

Once you've been screened, follow the overhead signs to your gate.

What to expect at security

As you approach security, an agent will scan your boarding pass. You'll place your carry-on bag and personal items (including laptop, outerwear, and liquids) in a bin, which will be sent through an X-ray machine. Proceed through the metal detector, then retrieve your bin of carry-on items. Screening officers may also rely on physical searches or full-body scanners to ensure safety.

You may be asked for additional screening if:

  • You trigger an alarm at the metal detector.
  • Your bag triggers an alarm at the X-ray machine.
  • You or your bag is chosen for a random additional security screening.
Passengers put their personal items, such as shoes and electronics, into bins.

What to bring

The CATSA website provides details about what you can and can't bring plus tips on how to pack specific items. For items that require special handling, check with your airline.

Here are some tips to help you breeze through security:

  • Pack light to avoid additional charges or handling heavy bags.
  • Keep your boarding pass and personal identification accessible. You'll need it at check-in, security, and your gate.
  • Pack liquids, gels, and aerosols properly. Containers over 100 ml must be stored in your checked bags. Containers less than 100 ml must all fit into a 1L re-sealable, clear plastic bag. Some items are exempted, but still need to be declared at security. Read the list of exceptions.
  • One bottle of liquid sanitizer containing up to 355 ml is allowed in one's carry-on luggage. The bottle does not need to be included in the 1L re-sealable, clear plastic bag.
  • Empty and discard beverages before going through security. Containers over 100 ml, including your personal water bottle, must be emptied before security. You can refill them after security.
  • Know the rules for travelling with cannabis. Flying outside of Canada with cannabis is illegal. Review the legal amounts of cannabis you can bring through security when travelling in Canada.
  • Avoid prohibited items. Reference CATSA's guide for what you can and can't bring in your carry-on or checked baggage.