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Company signing authority information

Companies working at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport must establish signing authority with the Pass Office.

This allows the company to apply for a Transportation Security Clearance and a Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) for their employees. It also allows the company to obtain various Winnipeg Airports Authority assets, such as keys.

Company signing authority package

Please note: the company signing authority process has changed. The company signing authority application can be requested through the Pass Office via email at PassClerk@waa.ca or by calling 204-987-9410.


Returning passes

When an employee no longer requires a RAIC, visitor pass, or other passes, the company signing authority must:

  • Immediately notify the Pass Office by email or phone.
  • Return all passes and assets to the Pass Office.

Failure to return passes

If an audit determines that an individual no longer requires a RAIC, visitor pass, or other passes because employment was terminated or for any other circumstances, the Pass Office must be notified. Failure to do so will result in the employee and the company being charged an administrative fee.