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Visages de YWG : Yohannes Andu

February 1, 2018

Catégories: À YWG, Visages de YWG

Faces of YWG is a special profile series on the people around the YWG campus that help us go above and beyond.

"I've been in this role for 10 years but every day feels like a new one. I now look after about 60 employees and each of them is different. They work as parking cashiers, valet attendants, information booth reps and even drive the employee shuttle. It's a 24/7 operation and sometimes it's like juggling but I love it.

Watching the airport grow over the years and having my part in its changes has been extremely rewarding and also kind of amazing. I remember back in 2008 while we were in the old terminal. Keeping things moving for Valet over there was definitely different. Especially in a world before smartphones and technology being everywhere.

When the new terminal was coming alive, we all had a meeting where we had to plan around what that looked like. "We need a new system, for two levels. It has to be great. Let's get to work." I always worked well with others to problem solve, and as Valet manager, this was no different even with the new terminal. Well, it was a bit harder, reorganizing from one level to two at the new terminal. After some growing pains, we were ready. Since then we've just continued to refine the experience.

I do a bit of everything and I'm happy to do it. My day looks like overseeing, staying on my feet, helping my staff, making decisions, and above all bringing smiles to solve problems for customers. I help connect the airport and its partners, collaborating with both so that they have the bigger picture and can tell what is going on day-to-day.

Soccer is a favourite of mine, and it might be because of the accessibility and the teamwork. It also fits us like a glove: we put on a great show and put smiles on people's faces by doing what we do best. We're a team. All of us.

I'm Yohannes, the Valet and Parking Manager for Valet & Away at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport."