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Visages de YWG : Peter Grant

April 17, 2018

Catégories: À YWG, Visages de YWG

Faces of YWG is a special profile series on the people around the YWG campus that help us go above and beyond. Today we profile one of our Goldwing Ambassadors, Peter Grant - the perfect fit for National Volunteer Week!

"People always ask me what I do and I always tell them, I'm here to help the aged, the infirmed, and the confused. I have been a Goldwing Ambassador since the new airport terminal opened in 2011. I guide people around, send them to the right gate, and tell them where the facilities are. The first question they ask is, 'Where's my gate?'. The second? 'Where is the Timmie's?'.

Before starting here I had two careers. I spent 35 years in radio and TV, and then I retired early so that my wife and I could spend a year and a half travelling. Then one day I told my wife that I always wanted to become a chef. She thought I would sign up for a three-day cooking class, but I decided to go to Red River College and take the two-year commercial cooking and chef training program. After graduating, I went to work for hotels and restaurants working under Red Seal Chefs and after completing my 5,000 hours I wrote for my chef's papers and I got them.

Shortly after, CJOB called me and asked me to do a radio show on cooking, which I did for six months. I also had the chance to go and work at The Forks as a demo chef. Within a week *of that*, Shaw TV was taping my cooking demos, and next The Bay asked what it would take to get me over there. I jokingly said they had to build me a kitchen.

A few months passed, and on a day unlike any other I get a phone call. The person on the other end of the phone said, 'Your kitchen is in - when can you start?' To make a long story short, I spent the next nine years at The Bay and that is really when it all started to blossom.

Working in radio and TV for 35 years, I enjoy talking to people and I can pick out someone who looks puzzled or not sure where to go, which has helped me as a Goldwing Ambassador. I like to be proactive and approach people, rather than reactive and wait for them to come to me—bad scene.

Most people are afraid to ask for help. My philosophy is if they come through and they have had a tough time so far during their trip, I look to make them laugh or smile which will hopefully improve their experience. When they leave me I want them to be smiling or laughing.

I love this airport. It's easy for some to get around which is fantastic, but that being said it's not easy for everyone.

That's why we are here to help. The Goldwings are here as ambassadors, representing the airport and the City of Winnipeg. We want to elevate each traveller's experience while they're here in our home airport. For us, it's instant gratification when we help someone, because we instantly see how thankful they are. The airport is a fabulous place to work, and there are great people here. To be honest, it's a family.

I'm Peter Grant, and I am a Goldwing Ambassador at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport."